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Two ways to order
Book only
Book Upgrade Package

The upgrade package is loaded with extras...

77 minute BONUS Video

not available for sale anywhere else...only with this upgrade package!

15 full school routines, plus a few extras. Over 75 minutes of content allowing you to see Tim in action in the school environment.

These videos are for inspiration only. Tim is not teaching you his act, so this does not include permission to perform these routines. This video is meant to give you a chance to see Tim in action and will give more meaning as you read the book. (Actually, Tim does give permission for you to perform two of the routines.)

Elementary school marketing postcard

Get the exact card Tim uses to promote his show.

middle school marketing postcard

Yep, marketing to middle schools is a different animal. See what is currently working for Tim.

Most people will want the upgrade for those first three items. But, just in case you don't already have Tim's two CD products (actually instant downloads), he's throwing those in, too! (extra $130 value)

The Show Starts Before the Show Starts Instant Download CD

Normally $65 - currently being used by performers worldwide. Features 33 tracks… a mixture of humorous announcements and show introductions. (plus two announcements customized for the UK) Recommended use: play one of these announcements every in between the songs in your pre-show playlist. Get your crowd laughing and in a great mood… before the show even starts!

Rindercella Instant Download CD

Also sells separately for $65 -- great for performers who want to add a funny and charming variety piece to their show. No props needed. Tim has taken a classic spoonerism story and made it a showpiece

Just as Tim teaches in chapter 30 of PERFORM, (the chapter on selling merch after shows), he has tried to make this deal too good to pass up!
So... even if you already own Tim's other products, this UPGRADE PACKAGE is still a great deal if you desire to learn from watching Tim's school performance pieces and from his marketing materials. Sorry, no substitutions.
UPGRADE PACKAGE only available when purchasing the book - not sold separately.


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